William A. Parrette's Tremor Disorder -- Part 4
Alternative Ideas

There has been one major change in my symptoms. While reading the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, I found a list of diseases and their causes in one of the chapters. Louise says that Parkinson's Disease is caused by "fear and an intense desire to control everything and everyone." I don't believe that I have any intense fears -- in fact, I thought I had overcome most of them through my studies with the Monroe Institute, the Theosophical Society, and the Association for Research and Enlightenment. And, I have always considered myself one of the most laid-back, easy-going, non-controlling people you will ever meet.

However, with some help, I found that I actually did exhibit some controlling behaviors towards a couple of my friends -- in a backwards sort of way -- by showering them with gifts and kindness. Imagine my surprise when, upon coming to this realization and modifying my behavior, some of my Parkinson's symptoms went away! The tremors were still there, but the stiffness on the right side of my torso and my clenching fists all but disappeared.

In mid-1997, my theosophical study group presented me with a gift. The gift was a book entitled Anatomy of the Spirit by Dr. Caroline Myss, Ph.D. Dr. Myss is a medical intuitive -- that is to say that she can diagnose medical conditions intuitively without physical contact or examination. She has over a 90% success rate and has diagnosed everything from cancer to AIDS. I started reading the book and found that she also tries to teach people how to intuitively diagnose their own illnesses.

For some reason that I still don't understand, I got "blocked" and couldn't finish reading the book. I have tried to overcome this mental block by going back and reading smaller pieces at a time but have still not been able to finish the book yet. I still try to pick the book up from time to time but decided to try and write Dr. Myss a letter. It took six months to get the reply -- a form letter saying that (as I was aware) Dr. Myss no longer performed personal readings.

Dr. Myss has a long-standing professional relationship with C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Shealy is the founder of the Shealy Institute for Comprehensive Health Care and the founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association.

At another meeting of my theosophical study group, a new member joined us. He was an interesting fellow with some interesting experiences to share. When, in the course of our conversation, I mentioned my dis-ease, he said that he had some healing information that he could share with me. And, sure enough, within a couple of weeks, a packet arrived in the mail. In the packet was a directory of healing professionals who practiced the techniques taught by Barbara Brennan.

One of the entries listed a lady that practiced down in Cincinnati. Since it was close to where I lived, I made an appointment. The lady was warm, friendly, and interesting. She spent some time discussing the Barbara Brennan techniques and philosophies and was very open about what to expect and not to expect. The session was pleasant and I felt that I did receive some benefit from it. So, I scheduled a second session some months later.

The second session went well. And, again, I felt that I received some benefit. This was, however, a difficult time for me. I was busy trying to schedule job interviews around a busy contract teaching schedule. As much as I enjoyed these healing sessions and felt I was receiving a small amount of benefit from them, the healer's schedule was more hectic than mine. She was booked up weeks and sometimes months in advance. However, I needed the ability to schedule things at a moments notice. I have yet to schedule another session but I am looking forward to trying to continue with this work in the future.

Somewhere around the same time I was able to fit in a Reiki session with a practitioner close to my home in Westchester, OH. I told the lady what my diagnosis was, explained a little about the disease and she started her work. Interestingly enough, she couldn't find anything particularly wrong with me and, in fact, said that I "felt" amazingly clear to her. I have thought about going back for more Reiki work but haven't followed through with it. Interestingly enough, my G.P. is certified at Reiki, Level III -- a Reiki Master. She doesn't do "sessions," instead she uses the techniques to supplement her normal medical work. I will probably consult with her before getting more Reiki work done.

If you have been reading carefully, you have certainly noticed that I am in denial. I don't want this "gift." There is no known cause and there is no known cure for Parkinson's Disease. And, I am looking for any excuse to call this disorder something else. And, to make matters even worse, there is no medical test or exam that you can take that definitively declares a person to have Parkinson's. This disorder is defined by the appearance of symptoms only -- and no two people will have the exact same combination of symptoms. For the doctors, it is mostly a guessing game -- and I don't like their guesses at all.

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