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Come on in and stroll around. Explore, have fun, and visit Tinky-winky, Dipsy, Laa-laa, and Po. Don't get lost! You might want to find a map first. [Small picture of all four Teletubbies]

Take a Walk In Teletubbyland

Teletubbies is a landmark British television series created by Anne Wood who is also the founder of Ragdoll Productions. One of the most interessting and perhaps provocative ideas behind the show is that it was the first television show ever to be produced for and directed at children under five years old.

I thoroughly enjoy the show. It is relaxing and fun; it makes me smile and laugh; and it reminds me to not take life so seriously all the time. Also, the show helps me to remember something that I think every adult ought to reflect on from time to time -- trying to get in touch with the child within.

But, then again, maybe not! ;-) Maybe it just means that this middle-aged Web author is really just a child at heart!

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