Errata for Motif Programming in the X Window System Environment

Page 36
Section Header: Motif Widgets; in the list of widget examples; the text for the CascadeButton; "...can be poped up..." should be "...can be popped up..."
Page 42
ISBN numbers and prices for the O'Reilly books are no longer valid. There are new versions of all of these books.
Page 43
Same as previous errata for the OSF books.
Page 83
Top of the page; The call data structure for a PushButton (and a few others) has changed; it is now an XmPushButtonCallbackStruct and has one new member different from the older XmAnyCallbackStruct (which still works).
Page 118
In the numbered list at the top of the page; item numbered 2; the XAPPLRESLANGPATH no longer exists according to current documentation.
Page 124
Exercise #5; "...WINDOW_MANAGER property..." should be "...RESOURCE_MANAGER property...".
Page 130
Section Header: Motif Label; in the first sentence; "is an instantable widget..." should be " an instantiable widget..."
Page 131
Figure 11.11 was switched by the publisher with Figure 11.26. This was fixed in the second printing.
Page 140
Figure 11.26 was switched by the publisher with Figure 11.11. This was fixed in the second printing.
Page 147
Bottom of page; below Example 11.3; text belongs to Exercise #1 that begins on the previous page and ends on the next page.
Page 165
Example 12.1; The call to XmMainWindowSetAreas() is missing in this Example.
Page 169
Section Header: Introduction; last sentence; "...out to implement..." should be "...out how to implement..."
Page 177
Exercise #3; suggestion; instead of a BulletinBoard manager, suggest that the student use a third (horizontal) RowColumn; it's easier.
Page 218
Figure 16.5; third column; 8th and 9th lines; "EnterNotifyMask" and "LeaveNotifyMask" should be "EnterWindowMask" and "LeaveWindowMask."
Page 230
Paragraph immediately before Section Header: Timeouts; last sentence; "...XlookupString()..." should be "...XLookupString()..."
Page 265
Section Header: Motif SelectionBox; second paragraph; states that activating any of the three buttons in a dialog will automatically unmanage the dialog--this is a 1.0 behavior; in 1.1 and on, only the OK and Cancel buttons automatically unmanage.
Page 280
Exercise #1; in Motif 1.1 and above, tab groups are automatically added for every widget grouping and keyboardTraversal is automatically enabled; this means that pointing to the DrawingArea is not enough to give it input focus for the user to enter a control-d; instead, you must "tab over" from the clear PushButton to the DrawingArea to give it input focus enabling entry of a control-d.
Page 290
First paragraph; "Figure 19.8 shows shows several..." should be "Figure 19.8 shows several..."
Page 293
Figure 19.12; last 2 function descriptions (XStoreColors() and XStoreNamedColors()) are both missing a comma between the last two parameters.
Page 324
Figure 20.25; figure heading; "XdefineCursor()..." should be "XDefineCursor()..."
Page 404
Figure 24.9; XCreatePixmapCursor() parameter declarations; "XColor foreground;" and "XColor background;" should be "XColor *foreground;" and "XColor *background;."

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