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Time for Tubby-bye-bye ...

Bye-bye Tinky-winky.
   Bye-bye Dipsy.
     Bye-bye Laa-laa.
        Bye-bye Po.

The sun is setting in the sky,
   Teletubbies say good-bye.

Teletubby Glossary

Again, again-again
This is the phrase that the Teletubbies yell when they want something that just happened to be repeated -- to happen again.
Bibberly cheese
This is the phrase that Laa-laa uses when she has become frustrated with something.
Beeg Huug
The phrase exclaimed by all the Teletubbies when they want to get a group-hug.
Scooter. Po's favorite thing.
The Teletubbies pronunciation of "hello."
The Teletubbies pronunciation of "here you are," used sometimes when one 'tubby gives something to another one.
A 'tubby exclamation when they have stepped in something icky.
Adjustment. Dipsy and Po make adjustments to the controls in the center of the Tubbytronic Superdome.
Skirt. Another name for the Tubby-tu-tu that some of the Tubbys like to wear when they dance.
Look. What the Teletubbies say when they want to get another 'tubby's attention to look at something.
Short for "I beg your pardon," when a Teletubby doesn't understand what somebody says.
The Teletubbies pronunciation of Tubby-custard.
Tubbytronic Superdome
The house that the Teletubbies live in inside Teletubby-land
What a Teletubby says when they make a mistake, something goes wrong, or something unexpected happens.
Voice Trumpet
Speakers that pop up in a variety of places in Teletubby-land to play songs, recite rhymes, or to instruct the Teletubbies in some special exercise.
What's that? The phrase used by the Teletubbies when they see something unusual or something that has "appeared from far away."
where gone?
What a 'tubby says when one of the others has disappeared. Or, when something from "far away" has disappeared.
Wun-away! Wun-away!
Run-away! Run-away!
What a Teletubby says when they want to get away from something or some event in Teletubby-land.

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