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[A photo of Mark, Don, and Mel in what appears to be a barn.]

The Grand Funk Railroad Trading Post

Here at the Grand Funk Railroad Trading Post we cater to the true Grand Funk fan. There are many "hard-core" fans out there who would do most anything -- climb the highest mountain, cross the widest valley, swim the deepest ocean -- for that one little bit of authentic memorabilia. This page is dedicated to you.

For Sale or Trade

If you have something you're willing to sell, or if you have something you would like to trade, or even if you're looking to obtain an item -- send an e-mail message to me ( wap@parrette.net ) and, if I think it's appropriate, I'll edit it and post it on this page. Once you've completed the transaction, let me know and I'll remove the item from the page.

So, without any further ado, here's what we have:

For Sale or Trade Wanted to Buy or Trade
This section was modified on November 13,2004 and all entries were removed. As new items are received, they will be dated so that visitors will have some idea how long a particular item has been listed. And, old listings will be removed on occasion. If you had an item listed here, and you want it relisted,just send me a new e-mail redescibing the item, and I will get it listed here as soon as I can. -- Bill wap@parrette.net
1976 London Appearance Memorbilia
(Posted 11/13/2004)
I have about 100 stickers from the 1976 show in Wembley, London, England. They are 4" in diameter and black with "All the Girls In the World Beware!!!" printed in red. I also have about 20 button/badges printed with the same design. And, if anyone is interested, I also have the original ticket stub from that same 1976 London appearance. Finally, I have a top-quality tee-shirt with an image of the show ticket printed on it. -- Malcom Stocker
GFR Collectibles
(Posted 06/02/2005
Roy Long, a.k.a. RooLoo, has a Web site where he is selling a variety of rock-oriented collectibles. And, he has a number of Grand Funk items in his collection. Check him out at RooLoo's Collectibles http://webhome.idirect.com/~rooloo/ -- Roy Long
Flint Copies and Sound Board Recordings
(Posted 07/09/2005)
WANTED -- The Flint album burnt to cd and the unreleased one also. Also, soundboards of Funk's latter shows (from "All The Girls In The World Beware" onward") -- Mark and Maree O'Neill

Please understand that I (William A. Parrette) can assume no responsibility or liability for any loss of any kind between the buyers and sellers that use this page. It is being provided as a simple service to help a buyer and seller connect -- I do not investigate the seller or their wares and I can only warn prospective buyers to be careful. No warranties, expressed or implied, are available with regards to the condition of the merchandise being offered or the honesty or integrety of the seller. I can only say "Sellers, please be honest," and "Buyers, please be careful."

[A photo of Mark, Don, Mel, and Craig in the desert.]

Photograph by Lynn Goldsmith.

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