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CURRENT THOUGHTS 9-29-2000 from Mark Farner

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Well folks it ain't gettin' any better out there. We are going to have an election in November, and the choices the Republicrats and Democans have given us frankly suck! They are both "globalists" and that's bad for everyone, especially in this country where we are supposed to be free. Free from what you might ask? Well with respect to the above statement, free from the influence of the world elite who have ascended far above the common man in their own minds, and feel by virtue of their combined financial powers, that they some how have the right to impose their perverted will upon the rest of us. They do it through cabals like the UN. We stand to loose all that our fathers and grandfathers have fought for. In this country, we the people, have lost our voice. It appears that we do not have people in the central federal government that are looking out for our kids. There will be no country left to defend if these anti-American social fascists are allowed to give our future away. I am anti UN, anti CFR, anti Bilderberg, anti Tri-lateral, anti WORLD GOVERNMENT! I am voting for Pat Buchanan for president, because he is speaking to my heart when he says America first! And don't give me the b.s. about throwing my vote away, that child psychology approach doesn't work on some one with a mind of their own.

We don't know who we are any more, we've lost our identity. To be American is to understand the necessity for our sovereignty. Americans are a unique people on this earth, and it is our sovereignty that one-worlders like to po-po. Do you realize the importance of being a sovereign? Being a sovereign means you are not a slave brother, and you are not a servant sister. You are free, and will kick ass if the need arises, to stay free, comprende'? We are not like all the others who must, by default, cave in to the commandments of those who rule them by imposing absolute power over them. It is the governments of this world that have feared their own people. To the point of disarming them, for fear they might wake up some day, use that coercive force and take their country back from the scoundrels who bilked them. Now it's those poor individuals who fear their governments, and rightfully so. Have you been to a country that has a no gun public policy? You want to see total oppression, you want to see human beings turned into sheeple? I'm telling you people, it could happen in the United States unless we are absolutely determined to not let it. We must stand together as one on this, the most important of issues. We the people of the United States of America have the power over our government because we have our own guns, not just the ones we buy and give to our military or police. We have are own ammunition, not just the stuff we buy and give to our military and police. We the people always keep the most power because we know from history: who ever has the most power will rule in this world. It had better be us God fearing, peace loving, constitutional law abiding citizens, don't you think?

If you don't own a gun, or ten, then you need to go out and get some. In rifles, for the defense of your country, I favor a .223 cal. like a Bushmaster or M-16 look alike.( In semi-auto of course.) The reason being you can carry more ammo because it is lighter in weight. My second choice is .308 cal., and I believe that all you militia men would agree: it is better to standardize the calibers of our weapons with the ammunition that is readily available. In hand gun calibers the debate goes on, but based upon the above reasoning, I like the 40 S&W and the 9mm both in a high capacity semi-auto pistol. It is also my personal belief that every brigade needs to have at least one 50 BMG cal. rifle for the long shot that can take out vehicles and enemy alike. We need to organize fast and maintain a state of preparedness. If you don' t belong to a group already, it is imperative that you join one or start one. Go to your neighbors and friends and start getting ready for the inevitable attempt by the one-worlders to remove the coercive power from We the People. We must never let this happen or our goose is cooked! We must never allow ourselves to believe the liberal main stream media (that is owned by our enemies) to influence us beyond our own good judgement. You know I am right.

I have a bumper sticker on my Jeep that says "BUY A GUN, PISS OFF A LIBERAL." Just the other day, a gay couple left me a note that stated "yeah, piss off us liberals, go ahead buy another gun, maybe someday you will all shoot yourselves and we'll be the only ones left." I don't think so. But you can damn sure bet that the price for freedom will always be high and if we are not willing to stand up for our freedom, someone will for sure be trying to take it from us. How did we ever slip into this current funk?

You know of course that the oil producing nations in OPEC are holding a gun to the heads of all of us on the planet that drive cars and/or use oil based products. I tried to think of all the products used that have petroleum in their base. It would be easier to list products without petroleum in them. The cost of living will soon be even more outrageous and many will simply not be able to afford to live. Airlines, UPS and Fed-Ex have skyrocketed up, the trucks hauling food to your local supermarket will have to pay more for fuel, which will reflect in the cost of your groceries and so on. I think we will probably have to suffer a financial upheaval (after the elections of course) in order to bring things into prospective.

The senators that voted to give the Red Chinese most favored nation permanent trade status have showed their loyalty, and it ain't to us. These traitors, along with the 237 congressmen who passed it in the first place, have in my opinion showed their colors and they are not red, white and blue. They have blatantly shit in our faces once again and we just stand here and take it. As if there isn't enough crap made in China on the shelves in our stores already. You know how I feel about those who govern China. The bastards want to spread communism through out the world, and our turncoat government is enabling them. Don't you dare vote for one of these turncoats in November! I tell you what I want, I want our jobs back! I want to support my countrymen with my $, not those of some foreign country! I want good American made products back on the shelves and hanging on the racks of every store here! I want to defend the borders of our country, not those of any other country in the world! I want freedom restored to the people! And people, I want you to wake up! Defend yourselves, defend your rights! Do you even know your rights? There are links to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights from my home page. Go to these sites and print out these precious documents that establish We the People as the true owners of our land and our future. Teach your children these truths, the public schools aren't! The only way to protect what is in the savings account is to know the balance of it, otherwise somebody can rip you off, and how would you know? Do you know the balance in our account? Preserve freedom, buy a gun and lots of ammo (thousands of rounds) and resolve in yourself that if no one else will stand for your freedom, you will. Stand for something worth dying for, your children's future, and if you don't have kids, stand for ours.

Thank you,

Brother Mark

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mark farner 2002

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