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Mark Farner's "Spirit Thoughts" for June, 2001

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"Spirit Thoughts"
June 26, 2001

Brothers and Sisters,

Sometimes we let ourselves listen to doubt and mistrust. I believe that can come from too much time between touches. So here is a touch or two from me to you. In no special order, just as random as the Spirit brought these things to me, I give them to you. Just think....

The casual ignorance from a busy man is not always the best barometer of his soul.

It takes the living of grace in order for you to realize it.

Do we as men daily agonize just to see how much we can endure?

Always adversity and opposition too, I wonder how much more has been ignored by you.

The taskmasters of our forefathers were the rich, the wealth of their taskmasters made them powerful. Must they be ours too?

With convincing theatrics, the whore struts with confidence in her performance, enough to distract her from the eyes that see and hear all, so as to exploit her intentions to humans that live for the reality, not for the facade.

We take on other mens thoughts and allow them to become our lives.

It is good to live under the council of our own thoughts and convictions.

If there was a way of speaking the Spirit voice without giving away our intentions so as to aid the betrayer with his hopeless task.

There must be a people that recognize the obligation of the preservation of freedom, then embrace it. The world is our battlefield and we can not rest until all God's children are made free and the oppressor is chained.

We are moved by our concern for one another, to the degree of laying down our lives for our brothers, even to preserve the integrity of Freedom. If freedom does not cover herself with integrity she will not stand.

I am motivated by my native American spirit to say "I am going to declare war on the white man and every other man that has taken on the nature of him that deceives us. I am going to call the warriors together to a council circle. We are going to declare what the truth is again and establish it. We will hold her as our highest prize". Our weapons will be the truth shouted in our music through the valleys, the hill sides, and the plains of America and the world. There is but one hope for this world, truth. For her sake I pledge my life. Great Spirit be honored among us. It is good to know you as our friend. Embrace us with your passion, nourish us from your bosom as we preserve our honor in our love for you.

If unconditional love is not unconditional, how can we feel good saying these words.

When there is no understanding that comes from words
The peace that I feel is felt not heard
I may feel alone in my darkest hour
But the faith that surrounds me will bloom like a flower

Take me away from this man made hell
The curses of greed have us trapped by their spell
The agents of influence they spin and they weave
The masses like asses dumbfounded believe

Are you still listening my people my world
It's not for the profit I tell you I'm curled
To strike my oppressor again and again
Alone you were standing but I'm still your friend

Defend you, intend to till I speak no more
Those needy are greedy deceived by the whore
Be careful you're not swallowed up by your eyes
We'll all stand there lauging when there is no disguise

I'm back I'm back I'm back again
When times get tough we just keep diggin' in
There's one last train commin' round the bend
Until then...
You've got a friend

Standing on death row with so many others, condemned by our differences with no choice of druthers.

The Spirit is good, when we leave this place we sew into the Spirit, the goodness we've acquired during our stay here.

My wife Lesia said to me "Who is the church? It is not the religious community. It is the warriors out there who have a passion for truth and are willing to die for it".

I said yes.

Brother Mark
[Copyright 2001, Mark Farner]

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