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[A picture Mark, Don, and Mel standing in the woods]

Photo scan courtesy of Kenny Stevens -- kstevens@iclub.org

Join the Grand Funk Railroad Mailing List

Have you ever wondered if there was anyone else in the world who enjoyed Grand Funk's music as much as you did? Have you ever wanted to just chat with a few friends who shared your Funk passion? Have you ever been curious about some little bit of Grand Funk trivia? Have you ...?

Well, never fear, the Grand Funk Mailing List is here!

... or, at least it used to be here! :-(

The original Internet-based Grand Funk Railroad fan mailing list known as "roadkill" was shut down on July 31, 2006. After providing almost 10 years of steam that helped fuel the 1996 reunion of "The Railroad," the mailing list was replaced with a more modern, Web-based discussion forum.

A complete archive of all ten years of discussions on the original mailing list is available giving a unique historical perspective for those who are interested.

Will the "Real" Grand Funk Railroad Please Stand Up?

As you may have read on the Reunion Page In 1999, Mark Farner put the Grand Funk Reunion tour on hold as he persued his solo career. After two long years of waiting, Don and Mel decided to go on without him.

Everything from mild disagreements to Internet flame-wars to almost real-life, knock-down drag-out fights have occurred on this mailing list about two points. There have been those people who say if it isn't Mark, Don,and Mel, then it isn't Grad Funk Railroad. And, there are those who believe that the member of the band given the writing credits of a song on an album is the only person allowed to perform that particular song in public.


If you are joining the list to talk about either of these or related issues, please beware. Although the administrator (me) is fairly lenient about letting people speak their minds -- more so than any other GFR forum -- these topics have been argued to death. So, please don't subscribe if you think you're the one that's going to change everybody's mind and set things straight -- you aren't, and you won't. It's all been argued before and you won't say anything new. You'll just start yet another flame-war and end up unsubscribed anyway.

The opinion of the list administrator (me) might also be of interest to you.

Other topics that will fan the flames ...

Although not off-topic, there are two other topics that, if brought up, will certainly get you singed around the edges and make you start looking for your asbestos suit. Post to the list about Mark's famous Letter to Roadkill, or about "!!JAN!!", at your own risk.

The "Roadkill" Directory

Are you already a member of the mailing list? have you ever wondered if there was anybody else on-list near you? Or, have you already met someone on-list and you wanted to know a little more about them?

Well, have you?

Then, check out the "roadkill" directory.

CyberFunkin' -- The Offical Grand Funk mailing list

After putting up with the arguing, in-fighting and flame-wars that had been the hallmark of the unofficial "roadkill" mailing list, several prominent subscribers left and -- under the auspices of the new Grand Funk Railroad -- created yet another forum for GFR fans to get together and chat.

The result is CyberFunkin'!

So, if you are looking for a tamer, less threatening, first with new GFR news forum to discuss the American Band, a moderated forum where flame-wars are quickly extinguished, check out the CyberFunkin' mailing at the band's official Web-site

[A picture from the inside of Caught In the Act]

Photograph by Lynn Goldsmith.

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