[A picture of Grand Funk standing in a field]

Photograph by Lynn Goldsmith.


Don did some production work for some other bands for a while. One of the groups he produced was called The Godz. Don, Mel, and Craig formed a band called Flint that produced one album on Columbia in 1978. Mark formed the The Mark Farner Band and put out two albums between 1977 and 1978. In 1981 Mark and Don reformed Grand Funk with a new bass player -- Dennis Bellinger -- to record the song Queen Bee for the animated film Heavy Metal. This resulted in a contract with Warner Brothers records to produce two more Grand Funk Railroad albums. Grand Funk Lives was released in 1981 and What's Funk? was released in 1982. Unfortunately, with no strong hit single and no gold album, the band broke up again.

Mark went on to do some recording within the Christian music industry. Both Don and Craig spent some time touring and recording with Bob Seger. Mel decided to follow some non-musical persuits.

Grand Funk has, over the years, done what few groups before them and few groups after them have done. They have proven the critics wrong and let the fans decide for themselves what type of music they want to hear and how they want to see it performed. Essentially creating a new genre of music and performance, using it to produce a string of eleven strong, powerful gold records, Mark, Don, and Mel rolled onto the music scene with their unique brand of "rock & roll soul." Grand Funk Railroad was truly "an American band."

[A picture of Grand Funk looking out of windows]

Photograph by Lynn Goldsmith.

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