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Grand Funk in Cyber-Space

There are several articles that have been published about the band and the reunion on the 'Net. Here we have:

The following "music sites" have pages about Grand Funk within their sites."

Shawn Perry has a site that he calls Vintage Rock which is a sort of classic rock e-zine. At this site he and his co-writers talk about many of the bands that have influnced their lives and had an effect on today's rock music. Shawn has a page dedicated to Grand Funk and their music that contains reviews of performances he has seen and some photo scans.

Steve Marshall has anoher e-zine site that he calls the Night Owl. This particular site concentrates on music reviews. And, of course, he has several Grand Funk Railroad reviews.

Some Grand Funk concert collectables used to be available through the Web at the ROCKTOYS! Web site. They had some tee-shirts from the 1996 reunion tour and they say that they hope to have more soon.

Legends Concert Posters
Another Web site that has Grand Funk collectibles is the Legends Concert Posters site. They have a vast selection of concert posters, backstage passes, broadway musical posters, sheet music, tour programs, records and memorabilia. Their search page helps you locate the specific memorabilia that you are looking for. And, stop by their links page with links to many other band sites.

And, yet another site having memorabilia and souveniers is Signature Superstars where they claim to have "100% official stuff."

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Grand Funk Railroad Web

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