[A picture of Mel from a Grand Funk reunion concert]

Photo courtesy of David Staats (DS3298@aol.com)

1997 Tour Announcement

1997 will certainly be an even bigger year for Grand Funk Railroad fans. After the successful 1996 mini-tour, the band's management has started preparing for an even bigger 1997 program.

What follows is an e-mail announcement that was sent to this site, several other members of the Grand Funk mailing list, and a few other Grand Funk fans from around the Internet. The message was from David Fishof -- the band's manager -- and describes what is sure to be the start of a full-fledged come-back tour in 1997.

Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 12:27:34 -0500 (EST)
From: David Fishof, Manager of Grand Funk Railroad
Subject: Grand Funk Railroad Update

Dear Worldwide Grand Funk Fans,

I'm ready to start releasing information to all you Funk fans out there. I must start by saying that when I wrote to Donna Wightman's site about our new management clients, Grand Funk, I was overwhelmed with the initial response. It did give me the strength to try to pull all of the energies together and make this the biggest comeback tour and career of 1997.

I have known Mark Farner for many years -- since he performed in one the "Super 70s Fest" tours that I originally produced. And, I worked with him again on Ringo's last "All-Starr" tour. Each night, I would enjoy watching Mark perform. But, more important to me was getting to know him and seeing what a genuine, kind person he is -- it made him someone I wanted to get involved with.

Then I had the opportunity to meet both Don and Mel and I found them to be equally incredible people. Don Brewer and his wife Sunny are living in Florida where she is a DJ on a local radio station -- she is constantly running toy drives and other charitable events. Mel Schacher and his better half Deena are living in Michigan and also perform many acts of charity in their local community.

I asked the guys if they would perform a few concerts to benefit the orphans of Bosnia-Herzegovina. My wife Judy and I went to Sarajevo, Bosnia last June to visit troops and orphans and saw first-hand all the tragedies that had occurred there. Many famous performers -- people such as Sheryl Crow, Pavarotti, Eric Clapton, Bono and others -- have been to this country to visit with the troops and orphans. When I watched NBC's broadcast of Schindler's List last night, it occurred to me that the same type of holocaust had just taken place in the 90's over in Bosnia. There are so many orphans and refugees who need housing and the strength to remain in this beautiful country side.

When I came back to the States, I met the Bosnian ambassador to the United Nations -- the Honorable Mohammed Sacirbey -- and told him about my recent involvement with Grand Funk. Having attended Tulane University in his youth, he told me it was one of his favorite bands that and he would be honored if the three original members of Grand Funk would perform in Sarajevo and in America to help publicize the plight of the orphans and refugees of Bosnia-Herzegovina and to help build a bridge between our two great countries.

So, I asked the band if they would do some concerts in three major cities for the benefit of the orphans of Bosnia -- they all said "let's go." Then they also said they wanted to go to Bosnia and perform for the people as well.

These concerts will in no way be a political statement. The concept behind the concerts will simply be that all nationalities, regardless of their ethnic or religious background -- be they Catholics, Moslems, Serbs, Jews ... whoever -- should live in peace and there should not be any wars.

So, with all the above, here's the game plan:

Below, I have listed three dates where Grand Funk Railroad will perform a full concert and show. Appearing with the band will be a 40- or 50-piece orchestra from Sarajevo along with special rock 'n roll guest stars who have been influenced by Grand Funk or fans of Grand Funk. (Please send your ideas and suggestions to Qbert50@aol.com.)

These shows each promise to an be incredible event -- the band will start rehearsing very soon. Our plan is to record and film these shows for release to the public and, following the release, the band will tour America. We are going to keep the ticket prices low so that everybody can come to the shows -- hopefully all of the old fans will come and turn the younger generation on to Grand Funk as well as all their friends.

  • The Palace of Auburn Hills -- capacity: 6,000
    Detroit, MI
    Sunday, April 20, 1997 at 7:00 p.m.
  • The Beacon Theater -- capacity: 3,000
    New York City, NY
    Friday, April 25, 1997 (show time tba)
  • The Greek Theater -- capacity: 6,000
    Los Angeles, CA
    Friday, May 2, 1997 (show time tba)

Tickets will go on sale around March 8th in Detroit, March 10th in NY, but I am not sure when LA will go on sale. I'll know more soon or you can start calling the venues to inquire. All of the proceeds (after expenses) will be donated to the the Bosnian-American relief fund.

In order to make this reunion the biggest ever, we need the fans to get the word out there. I will let you know the promotional partners -- namely the radio stations, TV, and newspapers -- that will be supporting the concerts. Ticket buys to these events are important. Last summer, 14,000 fans came out in tribute to the band at Pine Knob and it was incredible. In order to have a big tour for the rest of '97, your patronage is most important.

We will be making an announcement to the public and will be holding a press conference within the next few weeks -- I will keep you all informed. Let's make '97 the year Grand Funk takes over the music industry.

I want to thank all of you -- the fans -- for your support these past few months and for the support you will undoubtedly provide in the future. I enjoy hearing from all of you and I apologize for not being able to answer everyone. However, I am working on a system to keep all of you informed directly from our offices. In the meantime, if you want to be kept informed, keep surfing to all of those great Web sites dedicated to the band, and write to my assistant at Qbert50@aol.com where you can leave us a message and your address.

My best regards to all Funk fans,

David Fishof

PS -- I will also inform you about our plans for record companies, merchandising, and possible fan fests in the next few weeks. The band is planning a tour of Japan in late June.

Many thanks to David Fishof and his assistant Suzanne for their permission to post this important announcement on my Web site. The message was edited slightly to correct some spelling errors, improve the grammar, and generally make it a little more readable.

[A picture of Don and Mel from a Grand Funk reunion concert]

Photo courtesy of David Staats (DS3298@aol.com)

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