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The Grand Funk Fan(atic)s

I like to think I'm the biggest "Funk-fan" in the world. But, after having started the GFR fan Internet Mailing List, I found out that my thoughts weren't even close. There are so many people who are bigger fans than I will ever be. I think that bringing together so many fans who were so passionate about the band, and giving them a forum where they, on their own, did everything within their power to promote the band, was the primary reason for a special gift that Don gave to me. You can also read my personal Grand Funk history -- a little story I wrote about my life experiences with Grand Funk that led up to that gift.

Donna Wightman is a Grand Funk fan from northern California. Donna's page appeared at about the same time this page was posted (Great minds think alike :-) ). And, after two failed attempts by professional Web site developers, Donna's site was selected by the band and their management to be the official Web site for Grand Funk Railroad. Donna has, for a number of reasons, stepped down as the official Webmaster and the band has arranged to put up a simpler, informational Web site in it's place. I hope Donna is working on another Web site -- I'll post a link here when she does.

Mike Butler is a fan from the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Mike is the fellow who took on the huge and costly task of getting the, by now, famous "Funkengruven" tee-shirts created. Mike is also working on another Web site (I hope (-:). I'll post a link when I hear from Mike again.

Jim Maijala is a fan from Phoenix, Arizona who has become quite well known on the Grand Funk Fan mailing list. What makes Jim stand out is a certain flair for writing that he has developed on subjects involving "the best band in the land." We have collected some of his writings here in the Grand Funk Web for your ejoyment. Jim calls his material Phunk Phiction.

Other fans with Grand Funk Web pages include:

If you have a chance, stop by these other great sites and let the authors know how much you appreciate them helping to keep Grand Funk Railroad on track!

Several of the Internet's Web Directories and Search Engines give their users the ability to create fan clubs for musical groups, favorite books or T.V. shows on their computers. These "clubs" are a focal point for people with common interests. They usually contain chat rooms, photo galleries, and much more. Here are a few of the sites that have GFR listed:

You can read some fan comments and concert reviews to see what the fans have to say about the band, the reunion, and the concerts.

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Photograph by Lynn Goldsmith.
Photo scan courtesy of Joe Gavlick

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Grand Funk Railroad Web

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