JANUARY 8, 1995


On January  9,  Capitol Records will release  We're An American Band,
one  of several Grand Funk Railroad albums to be reissued on  compact
disc.   Survival,  Phoenix,  All The Girls In The World!!!,  On Time,
Live  Album
 and  Shinin'  On  all  of  which  have  made Grand  Funk
Railroad an  institution in the  underground heavy rock  music scene,
will be released in stages throughout the year.   All titles  will be
reissued  on CD format,  some for the first time,  and are  digitally
remastered from the original source tapes.

Grand Funk Railroad's  visionary and  renowned 1973  release We're An
American  Band
 is  not  only  one  of  Grand  Funk  Railroad's  most
memorable  albums, it also exemplifies the musical growth within  the
band who  took a much more complex song writing style and  applied it
to  their  natural raw and heavy sound that became  their  trademark.
This classic  rock  staple reached #2 for 2 weeks and  stayed  on the
charts for an amazing 35 weeks.   Included is the title cut "We're An
American Band"
 which  topped  the  charts  at  #1.  Also featured is
"Walk Like A Man"  which  charted  #19  for 6 weeks,  "The Railroad,"
"Loneliest  Rider,"   "Creepin'"
 and  the  unforgettable  "Ain't  Got

As pioneers  of  the  hard rock/alternative  music  scene originating
from Detroit,  Grand  Funk  Railroad's  music  remains  as powerfully
significant as  when it  was originally  released.   Capitol recently
released on  CD for  the first  time the  classic Grand Funk Railroad
recordings Caught  In The  Act,  Closer To  Home,  Survival,  and  E-
Pluribus  Funk.
  And,  with  the  continuous  forging  of  new music
genres,  Grand  Funk  Railroad's  impact  can  be  seen  and heard in
today's burgeoning  hard  rock generation.   The Grand  Funk Railroad
reissues are  not only a vital  part of rock music history,  but will
continue to influence those that discover them.

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Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad is available for interviews.

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They were the top-selling American rock band of the late 1960s and early
1970s. Their 1971 performance at New York's Shea Stadium outdrew the Beat-
les, and they all but invented the American pop-metal sound that gave birth to
such bands as Foreigner, Journey, Van Halen and Bon Jovi.

Over a decade after its disbandment Grand Funk Railroad still looms large
over thepop music landscape. Combining soulful vocals with muscular instru-
mentation and pop-oriented melodies, GFR's crowd-pleasing hard rock influ-
enced a wide assortment of music fans. Legend has it that Prince's first band,
Grand Central, was thusly named as a homage to GFR. Neo-country mavericks
the Jayhawks even interpret GFR's "Bad Time" on their latest album, "Tomor-
row the Green Grass."

Now Capitol Records proudly announces the compact disc reissue of the re-
cordings of Grand Funk Railroad. Included in this highly-anticipated rollout is
the band's 1973 Todd Rundgren-produced breakthrough album, "We're An
American Band."

Other classic albums being reissued are On Time, Grand Funk Railroad,
Closer To Home, Live Album, Survival, E Pluribus Funk, Phoenix, Shinin'
and All The Girls In The World Beware!!! Each album has been digitally
remastered using the latest recording techniques from the original source

The reissues allow contemporary rock fans to discover the music of an absolute
original. Grand Funk Railroad was formed in the mid-1960s from the ruins of
another Filnt, Michigan band, Terry Knight & The Pack. The band, which includ-
ed guitarist-vocalist Mark Farner, drummer-vocalist Don Brewer, and bassist Mel

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Schacher, scored a modest hit with their rendition of the lounge-pop standard "I
(Who Have Nothing)."

In 1968 Knight reassessed his role within the band. The enterprising young mu-
sician turned over the singing reigns to Farner, and became the band's manag-
er producer. The Knight-less trio was christened Grand Funk Railroad -- a ref-
erence to the legendary Grand Trunk Railroad line.

A performance at the 1969 Atlanta Pop Festival was such a success it ultimate-
ly resulted in a recording contract with Capitol Records. Through the band's de-
but album, On Time, was greeted indifferently by radio and critics, the kids un-
derstood and the record became an underground hit.

Though it would be years before critics and radio programmers would compre-
hend GFR's musical charms, the band's appeal with consumers was immediate.
Sales for albums like Closer To Home, Survival, and E Pluribus Funk totalled
in the millions, and the band was a consistently strong concert draw.

In 1973 GFR and Knight parted ways in a complex series of lawsuits. In
Knight's absence the band self-produced their most lyrical album, "Phoenix."
Later that year Farner and his comrades welcomed keyboardist Craig Frost to
the lineup, and began working with producer Todd Rundgren. The
Rundgren/GFR alliance resulted in two best-selling albums, We're An Ameri-
can Band
and Shinin' On.

Though GFR's broadly appealing proto-metal was maligned in its day the
band's legacy is being reassessed. In her scholarly expose, Heavy Metal: A
Cultural Sociology,
author and DePaul University sociology professor Deena
Weinstein lists GFR as one of the "generally acknowledged ... precursors of
heavy metal." The Rolling Stone Album Guide expresses similar sentiments: "At

its sweat-dripping best, the band emits a surging, elemental blast of hard-rock

The Capitol Records Grand Funk Railroad reissue discology is as follows:

On Time: The first volley fired in a tremendously successful career. Features
the band's first single, "Time Machine."

Grand Funk Railroad: Composed almost entirely by vocalist/guitarist Mark
Farner, this 1970 recording includes such concert staples as "Mr. Limousine
Driver," "Paranoid" and "High Falootin' Woman."

Closer To Home: A quantum stylistic leap. This landmark recording includes
"I'm Your Captain," the seafaring epic that introduces strings to the band's
forceful rock sound.

Live Album: An explosive document of GFR's live performances. Displaying a
sharp, self-deprecating sense of humor, the album's graphics combine perfor-
mance photos with excerpts from hostile reviews.

Survival: This 1972 album could be seen as a prototype for future GFR al-
bums, as it marked the first time the band recorded interpretations of contempo-
ary rock favorites. The album includes renditions of Dave Mason's "Feelin' Al-
right" and the Rolling Stones' "Gimmie Shelter."

E Pluribus Funk: Undeniably GFR's hardest-hitting album, this seven-song col-
lection features Mark Farner's fastest, bluesiest guitar playing. Includes the boo-
gie favorite, "Footstompin' Music."

Phoenix: Recorded in the wake of the band's split with manage-
er/producer/mentor Terry Knight, "Phoenix" possesses a lyrical, elegiac tone.

GFR's sole self-production, the album features the Top 40 hit, "Rock 'N Roll

We're An American Band: The album that turned GFR into bona fide pop mu-
sic phenomenons. Features the chart-topping title track as well as Don Brewer's
glam-rock rebuff, "Walk Like A Man." Produced by Todd Rundgren, the album
also marked the debut of keyboardist Craig Frost.

Shinin' On: Includes GFR's manhandeled version of the Gerry Goffin/Carole
King dance-craze classic, "The Loco-Motion." This hit single helped catapult the
album to the upper regions of the pop charts.

All The Girls In The World Beware!!!: Produced by Jimmy Ienner, this 1974
disc found GFR further refining its radio-friendly sound. The band's hit rendition
of the Drifters' "Some Kind Of Wonderful" showcases both Mark Farner and
Don Brewer on vocals.

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