Jim Maijala's Phunk Phiction -- A Phantasy Phunk Philm (music video, by Bill Parrette)

From: "William A. Parrette" <wap@one.net>
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 01:31:41 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: My GFR Fantasy Video -- #1

Completely black screen. A single spotlight fades up to Mel's hand on the neck of his bass. It brightens to encircle Mel completely but only him playing the bass line intro.

We hear the hi-hat being played in the distance as the shot widens to see Don behind the drums doing the hi-hat shuffle using the same spotlight effect.

The same happens with Tim and the keyboards.

As the shot of the stage starts to widen more, we hear Max come lightly in on vocals ...

Ain't got no troubles in my life, No foolish dreams to make me cry. I'm never frightened or worried, I know I'll always get by.

As the chorus kicks in, Mel, Don, Tim, Max, and Bruce take on that ol' "Red Album power edge." The shot widens for the entire stage, the lights all come in as Bruce kicks into some power chords as we hear Max more powerful than Kiki Dee ever imagined ...

I've got the music in me, I've got the music in me, I've got the music in me, I've got the music in me,

By the end of the chorus, all five guys are singing in harmony telling the world that "I have the music in me!"

The song continues at an "In Need" or "Paranoid" level. The guys are all over the stage, singing, smiling, and having a great time as they all get the music in them.

As the chorus fades out at the end of the song, the camera starts to pull away, leaving the earth, the solar system, and out into the galaxy just like the beginning of Contact. All the while we hear the echos of the chorus continuing in the background as it slowly fades to black.

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