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Jim Maijala's Phunk Phiction

Jim Maijala is a subscriber to the Grand Funk fan mailing list known as "roadkill." He is a regular contributor to the on-line discussion and has become quite well-known for his sense of humor. In his interactions with the mailing list, Jim has also developed a flare for writing.

The themes of the stories that Jim has published on the mailing list tend to revolve around those three fellows from Flint, the "group you've been waiting to see," Grand Funk Railroad. He has taken Mark, Don, and Mel and put them in a variety of situations -- sometimes dark, sometimes off the wall, but usually quite funny. And, the response from the other subscribers to the mailing list to these stories has been nothing short of phenomenal.

In order to "change the names to protect the innocent," and to avoid "defamation of character" lawsuits :-) , Jim calls his material Phunk Phiction.

It all started innocently enough. Jeff Cochran had written a note to the list about the "too dark" Bosnia video. He was taking other subscribers to task about the complaints they were making on-list that some video clips had been seen and were not "too dark." Jeff commented, with tongue-in-cheek, that since some clips were not "too dark," then the entire video must be fine and the band is obviously plotting to keep the material away from the fans:

From: funkola@rfci.net
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 11:22:29 -0800
Subject: The saga of the 'Too Dark' Video. Rated R

You know ... It just MIGHT be possible that the video was poor like they said and they had to use the best parts of it. Mean Mistreater may have been in that group. They went to the trouble and expense to make the video so I can understand them trying to get something in return by releasing what they can of it. I do not believe they would pass over so many popular songs in favor of Mean Mistreater unless they had no choice.

I can see it all now ...

Mark, Don and Mel in a Detroit back alley, huddled around a small fire in a coffee can, trying to stay warm. Mel is smoking a doobie while Don takes a swig from a bottle of Thunderbird. Mark clutches his little pocket size Gideons bible with one hand and puts some more paper in the fire with the other.

Hey guys ... I have a good idea for our next promotional move.
Oh man, here we go again...
Naw, check this out. We take that 'too dark' video we made and release 'Mean Mistreater' to VH1.
C'mon man. That phucker didn't sell when we were the most popular band in the world.
Hey I got this feeling though man. The people are ready for a revolution.
Aw jeez. All of that $hit is over man.
Check this out man. Last night before I went to sleep I prayed for God to give me the inspiration for a song that would touch the people.
Cool ...
But you wrote 'Mean Mistreater' over twenty-five years ago, remember?
I know, but I didn't pray for it then so you can't count that.
I dunno man. Is that the best idea you can come up with? What do you think about it Mel?
Cool ...
Yea, you're a big help. Shut the phuck up.
I can dig it man.

- ---------------

PS: All sarcasm intentional.

And, that's all it took! Jim jumped in with with a story about the Beatles in the same back alley watching Mark, Don, and Mel. The rest, as they say, is history. There were a few unrelated stories that followed -- one about Howard "Frankenstein" Eddy and another entitled "Leave It to Brewer" (a take off on Leave It to Beaver). But, Jim really became creative with his multi-installment, magnum opus "Roadkill Revenge."

So, this portion of the Grand Funk Railroad Web is dedicated to being a platform for displaying the creativity of Jim Maijala and his very popular Phunk Phiction. To date, we have collected:

Oktay Rasizade -- the Russian "roadkill"er -- came up with some nicknames for certain "prominent" list-members. All of the nicknames ended with "ORK" which means "... Of RoadKill." Bill Parrette (me!) is FORK -- or Father Of RoadKill; Donna Wightman became the Mother Of RoadKill -- or MORK; the Cat Of RoadKill -- or CORK -- is Oktay's cat Mr."Black Licorice" Murzik; and Jim "Jim's a Good Man's Brother" Jmaijala has been dubbed the StoryTeller Of RoadKill -- or STORK.

In 1999, a new "roadkill" author appeared on the Phunk Phiction scene. Yvonne Graf -- the Northern Woman of Roadkill (NWORK) -- wrote another version of a GFR Christmas Carol and published it on the mailing list.

The story was well-received and Yvonne has promised to follow up with some more. Check out her contributions to the genre of Phunk Phiction below:

In 2001, yet another new "roadkill" author appeared on the Phunk Fiction scene. Tamara Inscoe is both a professional writer and a lawyer -- one of two lawyers in Florida who are fans and at times subscribe to the mailing list.

As of 3/15/2002, Tamara is not subscribed, but wanted to help get GFR back in today's music scene. The following story (that is not entirely fiction (-: ) was written towards that goal. And, as I understand it, she had Playboy at least a bit interested in publishing it.

So, click on the link below to read some more Phunk Phiction with a little bit of Phunk Phacts thrown in to spice up the story.

And here are two special Phunk Phiction extras... I call them Phantasy Phunk Philms" These are just some of the music vidios and cover songs I have always liked to see GFR perform. Enjoy!

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