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The "Roadkill" Fan Mailing List Directory

This portion of the Grand Funk Railroad Web is dedicated to the Internet on-line fan mailing list affectionately known as "roadkill." In order to allow mailing list members to learn more about each other and, more importantly, to find each other when traveling, I have put together a simple directory within these pages.

If you are on the "roadkill" mailing list and you would like to have an entry in this directory, simply send an e-mail message to me: William A. Parrette -- the "roadkill" list administrator -- and include the following information:

If you're not on "roadkill," don't bother sending me anything -- I do check. I reserve the right to edit and modify any listing sent to me. If you want your photo included it would be best to attach a scan to your e-mail. I have a scanner but cannot guarantee that I will get a "snail-mail" photo scanned in a timely manner without loosing it or being able to return it.

Also, please note that this is an "open" site. Anyone and everyone can come in here and look at the listings. Do not send me any pictures or information that you do not want the world to see.

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