[A picture of Grand Funk from the inside of American Band]

Photograph by Lynn Goldsmith.


Please note that the albums listed above are those that were released by and for Grand Funk Railroad. This discography does not consider any pre-Grand Funk (e.g. Terry Knight and the Pack) material or any of their post-Grand Funk (e.g. Flint or Mark's solo efforts) material. And links are provided only to non-"compilation" albums. For a more detailed discography of other material not presented here, go to the official Web site.

Also, as you are going through the various lyric pages, if you see any words or phrases that you believe are in error, please use the "mailto:" link on the page to notify me. In addition to your correction to the lyric, I would also appreciate it if you could tell me your source for the "correct" words or phrases.

[A picture of Grand Funk with a wood carving of Uncle Sam

Photograph by Lynn Goldsmith.

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