[A picture of Grand Funk from the inside of American Band]

Photograph by Lynn Goldsmith.


Please note that the albums listed above are those that were released by and for Grand Funk Railroad. This discography does not consider any pre-Grand Funk (e.g. Terry Knight and the Pack) material or any of their post-Grand Funk (e.g. Flint or Mark's solo efforts) material. And links are provided only to non-"compilation" albums.

Also, as you are going through the various lyric pages, if you see any words or phrases that you believe are in error, please use the "mailto:" link on the page to notify me. In addition to your correction to the lyric, I would also appreciate it if you could tell me your source for the "correct" words or phrases.

[A picture of Grand Funk with a wood carving of Uncle Sam

Photograph by Lynn Goldsmith.

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