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A Legend Begins

1969 at the Atlanta Pop Festival. It started without the benefit of a large, recording company-sponsored media blitz. It started with three relatively unknown musicians -- not the relics from some broken super group. It started with a different type of music -- music that had a raw, gutty, moving, almost sexual quality to it. What was "it?" What was it that Cashbox magazine once called "a legend in their own time?"

"It" was Grand Funk Railroad.

Don Brewer, Mel Schacher, and Mark Farner, did what every young musician dreams of. Without a recording contract, without the benefit of a hit record; by playing at the Atlanta festival, the Texas International Pop Festival, and other music festivals in cities such as Nashville, Cincinnati, and Los Angeles; they made fans -- lots of fans. And, the word quickly spread far and near, by word of mouth: Grand Funk Railroad is here!

The band's history, music, important events, fans, and much more can be read sequentially by using the menu at the top, far right.

150+ GFR fan-written stories about the influences of GFR.

Tales of the American Band --
Grand Funk Railroad

compiled by Sunny Quinn.

The history of Grand Funk is laid out in detail in...

An American Band --
The Story of Grand Funk Railroad

by rock-author Billy James.

Don Brewer:
Live at the
Modern Drummer Festival

55 minutes
U.S. Retail: $24.98

Modern Drummer Festival's Best Years featuring clips of drumming greats from a diversity of musical styles including Don Brewer.

292 minutes
U.S. Retail: $26.99

Years of rumors, waiting & promises, & different authors ... finally, the authorized Mark Farner biography.

From Grand Funk to Grace
Written by Kristofer Engelhardt.

The Changing Faces of Grand Funk Railroad

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