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Hi! My name is Bill and I pronounce the last name as if it were spelled "puh-RET." I have lived in southwest Ohio since 1965 where I have been employed -- over the years -- variously as a programmer, a software engineer, a trainer, a technical writer, and a course developer. I currently live in a suburb of Cincinnati, OH called Sharonville (although the Post Offivce insists on calling it West Chester).

I tend to be a conservative sort of guy in my technical life and, with all of the changes in the World Wide Web, HTML, and the like, I have decided to update my Web-site to use Style Sheets and to be more XHTML compliant. [A picture of a construction crane] I am also going to try to make it easier to make updates and to add new content. So, with that in mind, these pages are always under constant construction and will change on an "as I get the time" basis.

I support the [Anybrowser campaign logo] Anybrowser campaign and, I am trying very hard to make these pages [Drawing of a lynx] Lynx-friendly. If you are browsing these pages with Lynx (or any other text-based browser) and find a problem, please let me know. You may also notice that this site is a completely [A frame-free logo] frame-free environment. In my opinion, frames are the bane of the World Wide Web and I have seen very few Web-page developers use them effectively, with style, or with flare.

My site is hosted by LunarPages [The LunarPages logo]. And my Internet Access Provider is [A Cincinnati Bell logo] Cincinnati Bell Fioptics.

Since you are here, you may want to know a little something about me. I've taken the time to assemble both some personal information and some professional information. Follow any of the links in the Topic Map on the far right side of your browser's window to learn more about who I am and what I do. There is also a Site Map near the top of the window that will take you to the more popular topics people visit on this Web-site. But, if you're pressed for time you may just want to read my Facebook "bio."

I hope you enjoy your visit -- please stop by often. Use the "mailto" link at the bottom of any page to leave me a note saying "hi" if you like. And I would sincerely appreciate it if you could notify me about any broken links that you might find. And, as I am often wont to say in closing, may you always grok in fullness. Thanks for stopping by!

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